AIAT GB is the governing body in the United Kingdom for the premier carriage driving competiton format that is run under the rules of the AIAT (Association Internationale d’Attelage de Tradition). It is a competition designed to promote the use of original traditional carriages built before 1945 and encourage best practice carriage driving.

Pre-1945 built carriages carry more favourable marks than post 1945 vehicles to encourage their

use and heritage. The event is open to single, pairs, tandem, multiples etc in any traditional type

carriage as well as traditional trade turnouts. The CIAT (Concours International d’Attelage de

Tradition) event is run in 14 countries across Europe to the same rules.

1. Presentaton, where turnouts are judged three times by AIAT Approved judges who look and score for overall impression, the condition of the horse, the carriage, the harness and the passengers.

2. Routier. This includes a 15km optimum timed road drive with 5 simple difficulties along the route. These are similar to difficulties you could encounter on a drive in the country. The route is chosen for its suitablility for traditional vehicles.

3. Maniabilite. The final cones competiton is purposely designed for traditional vehicles driven over a gently flowing course of 20 cone gates to be negotiated within an optimum time.

As well as the 27 CIAT Affiliated AIAT events held throughout Europe, the United Kingdom will host three national competitions in Scotland and England...

2-3 June 2018

30 June -1 July 2018

25-26 August 2018